Just a short update…

20th May 2014

I just wanted to add another post here to say how amazing i am finding everything to do with this project. The past few days, especially, I have given a lot of thought to how generous and supportive everyone continues to be. Not to mention how helpful – especially Sara and Hayley ‘co admins’ are being – and VIP every one who has joined too! It really is remarkable how quickly the project has grown, it looks promising for the future, of both the project and of wider awareness raising. Thanks everyone! It really has restored any lost faith in the pure goodness of human kind!

Another positive today was receiving a greatly supportive, and encouraging, email from the Mental Health Foundation who have kindly agreed to support this and include it in their promo materials for their 2015 campaign! WOW!

Finally – I visited a local (and fab!) resource – Healthy Planet shop – which offers each ‘shopper’ 3 free books daily (!!!!! i hope one day they will do the same principles with shoes…!!) and managed to obtain 2 brilliant cross stitch books! BRILLIANT! They will certainly help with the square which i will shortly be trying to design for the project! I’d be interested to know where others are getting their inspirations from too and their resources too! 🙂 Sharing is caring after all!

I hope everyone has enjoyed some sunshine and equally some stitching!

Until next time – Thanks to everyone – you guys are amazing and  i am increasingly excited by the developments ahead, i hope you feel similarly!


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