A bit of a personal post

As mental health awareness week’s theme for 2015 (where this project is hopefully going to be wow-ing everyone ultimately!!!) is ‘relationships’, i thought i’d share a bit of a personal post with everyone. I hope you dont mind.

Today has been an emotionally challenging day, but i have really been touched to have so many caring, considerate and supportive relationships helping me through. It has made me realise that i have an amazing sister, good parents and awesome understanding friends/family. It has also helped me realise that i need to explore deeper a very important relationship which needs some repair – the one i have with myself.

My own mental health struggles have led me to abuse, neglect and strain – even to the extent of destroying sadly – very important relationships in my life. I have lost relationships, formed relationships and pulled away from relationships at various times. I have also failed to form relationships, i fear, that i would like to and risked damaging those i’ve been blessed to form. I desperately want to be married, have children, have a family, be a good friend, be a good colleague, be a good person and ultimately make a difference. I guess today has made me really query with myself what relationships i have/want and what i need to do to be a better part of many of the VIP relationships i have.

Everyday we can see illustrations of relationships going well, strained ones, damaged ones and new ones. I guess, my challenge now is to be more mindful daily of those i am affected by, and indeed those i affect or want to affect.

I hope everyone’s cross stitch missions are going well – again, this demonstrates how amazingly awesome individuals are because although they might not have personal relationships with those involved in this project, or those hopefully intending to be influenced/affected by this project – they are dedicating time, skills and resources to making a difference to others, and hopefully in return to themselves.

Happy stitching guys! and thanks for continuing to be part of this project and by spreading the word to others who might like to be part of it also! You’re all amazing! 🙂


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