Its good to help

Yesterday i got an interesting email from ‘Good net’ (well worth a google for a fix of the feel good factor direct to your email inbox!) sharing a superb article* about ‘Helpers high’ or ‘How being helpful, helps us too’. It outlines just some of the benefits to mental, physical and social health of ‘doing simple things to do good!’ for example:-

  • People who volunteer tend to experience fewer aches and pains.
  • Giving help to others protects overall health twice as much as aspirin protects against heart disease
  • About half of participants in one study report that they feel stronger and more energetic after helping others; many also reported feeling calmer and less depressed, with increased feelings of self-worth

…maybe you can relate? maybe you even feel inspired to include some of the personal experiences of above, if you decide to share a written piece alongside your stitching out stigma design…???

Personally, i feel lucky to be surrounded by people and opportunities to get such highs – receiving or sending letters to fab friends and family (yes im one of the few ‘snail mail’ users who prefers a good ole’ fashion pen and paper to an email update…), spending quality time with great people (i.e. watching rubbish sitcoms with a super sister after a stressful day, or chatting to those i love) or getting stuck into this project which has given me a sense of worth/esteem and purpose/focus, alongside putting me in touch with super people, rekindling a few hobbies of mine (namely x stitch and writing) and other benefits….

As this week also celebrates volunteering through the annual volunteers week (1-7 June – and brings even more success/exciting developments within our stitching project, I thought it was a relevant topic to blog about…. hope you agree!

In my own volunteer role, with RSVP,  I got involved in a vol awareness event in Cardiff, promoting volunteering and trying to ‘spread the word’ for the charity i volunteer for. (Cardiff knitting organiser – on an aside, so if any keen knitters or crochetters in cardiff/vale of Glam happens to be at a loose end – excuse the punn – and are looking for volunteering outlets to support charities via their crafts – do get in touch – we welcome everyone to knit with us, whatever their wooly preferences/skill level/ability = its free to join too! Cheeky plug there sorry – but in the name of charity so perhaps you’ll let me ‘off the hook’…again bad punn…)

I also believe i see acts of kindness, generosity and basically ‘doing good’ daily in my own life, and often benefit directly from others kind acts, i feel. much needed in a world where it is so easy to get ‘overwhelmed’ by doom/gloom and the often cruel twists and turns of life….

Whether its

  • someone giving up their seat on a busy bus or train to those in need
  • giving someone a friendly smile (its said to be infectious dont you know…!)
  • letting someone in front of you on a busy check out in a shop to save them waiting if they have considerably fewer items to purchase than you
  • offering a kind word of support, listening ear or simply a hug
  • or any of the other opportunities available to us all to make a difference to someones day, or maybe even life, daily.

There really in unlimited scope to get  involved in doing good, no matter who you are or what you do…! Fab!

The relevance of this to SOS project is clear to me – because every day new developments come about! Whether its someone offering support to others on the facebook, offering resources or ideas or assistance to those in need, dedicating time/skills to the project, signposting/supporting the site or participating in the project in general. It makes me smile to see and feel blessed to be a small part of – i hope others get a similar ‘buzz ‘ and continue to enjoy involvement and feel supported to do so! It really is so kind of everyone! Worth every stitch or ‘shout out’ i think!

So long may it continue and please, take from this how truly deserving you are (YES YOU!),of praise and a pat on the back

Keep up all the fab work! Happy stitching until next time!




* – ‘What we get whenn we give’ Christine L. Carter, Ph.D (2010)


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