Over due Update time on here

Good evening all and welcome to a fresh new June Week!

Its been sunny here in Wales and i hope it’s been nice for you all too!

Firstly, Lots of apologies to everyone for my utter neglect of this project so far – but also THANKS to everyone who has been amazingly supportive of it – I am constantly amazed, impressed and elated to see it all coming along so well and literally it’s so exciting when we get new support.

Today we heard that the BIPOLAR society have agreed to ‘spread the word’ to their supporters which is awesome news!

We also had 5 new members join (so far – it’s still only 9pm!)

Plus it was lovely to see everyone helping a new member on her query – brill use of the forum i’d say!

Project updates also are that – A lovely lady – Christine Barnes – has managed to secure a venue for the cardiff finished blanket to be displayed! Sian Lile Pastor at St Fagans Cardiff is holding her next group this Saturday (14th June) and everyone involved in stitching project is invited! Plus it’s quickly approaching the date (12th June) when Cross Stitch Crazy have flagged SOS project up in their mag! Exciting stuff! …AND this is only the bit’s i’m aware of. I know people have been offering to run groups etc – so hopefully this will bring more excitement soon! 🙂

It was suggested to me about starting a regular newsletter which could update everyone on information of the happenings of the previous period of time, i think this is an awesome idea to keep everyone in sync. It would help to avoid people missing developments, notify people of new groups near them and also may help in other ways i am unaware of. It would be a nice way to ‘look back’ too at the end, to see all the developments in a concise format. However, i cannot commit to doing this and whilst i would love to produce one, i can only offer it over to supporters to see if anyone wants this ‘role’ of newsletter constructor/editor! fingers crossed! I realise everyone has their own commitments…!

On a personal note – i am ashamed that i still havent put needle to aida – but my design is coming along well (i just must stop changing it all!).I have however had an article accepted to the Cardiff Times Magazine on this project (including some of the pictures people have granted us permission to use! yey!). I have also enjoyed a trip to hobby craft clearance (my bank balance and mother enjoyed this less! lol) – i’d recommend a trip to anyone interested – also it’s well worth signing up for their emails as you get 15% discount on your next purchase! Awesome for any fellow craft addicts! I am sadly, but self admittedly, still quite unwell myself and hoping i dont fail to meet the standards the supporters of SOS project deserve – One day at a time eh! But yes, every day is a fresh chance for us all.


As for others – Hayley has been busy looking at the emails which have been returned from our supporters re: the poster format before the PDF can be distributed in the forum/on the website. Sara has been giving great admin advice on the forum and undoubtedly continues to shine in all sorts of ways too! And all the members have shown such fab encouragement and support and enthusiasm as always.I do hope people are enjoying stitching and looking forward to continuing and (possibly/hopefully) sharing a bit of their experiences of doing so, with their end product!

I think it’s going well, although i’m always hopeful people will reach out with ideas/queries and offers via the facebook group or contact email – it’s a joint project and here for everyone!

Happy stitching all! And keep posting and keep powering on with the project and your own struggles!



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