Exciting times

Hello all!

Just a small update today, but an update never the less – best things come in small packages after all!

Tomorrow – the issue of ‘cross stitch crazy’ SOS project is featured in is released – those who have subscriptions have already received their copy, so i’m eager to get mine tomorrow too 🙂 Very grateful to them for this publicity! And hope it helps raise awareness of SOS!

On Tuesday – I met with 2 wonderful people – one a friend who has managed to secure the llanover arts centre space for displaying the blanket in MH awareness week 2015 – super! Super space and a great location open to all! 🙂 I met the very friendly manager there too who seemed very supportive and enthusiastic – great news!

Plus – I met with someone in charge of displays at a leading Cardiff Mental Health Hospital and guess what – they want to offer commision for the finished display following it’s ‘stay’ in llanover hall – fantastic news and a great way to bring the project to the public in future months/years following initial awareness – I just hope the contributors agree that this is a good ‘end result’ too and we can go ahead…


Lots of excitement also brings lots to do – so hopefully it’ll all come together – i am sure everyone will be on hand to help, as already i’m impressed by how generously people are offering support/assistance and advice on the project!

Hopefully the finished PDF of material (poster/leaflet) will be available for use/distribution by the end of this week and we can see if this, alongside ‘word of mouth’ and the cross stitch magazine article, help recruit more people! 🙂


happy stitching all!


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