A little update for a Sunny Saturday

Happy World Wide Knit in Public Day all! I know this project is sewing based – but any craft can aid mental health and be a fun and useful time occupier, so i thought i’d give a shout out!

Once again it’s been an eventful few days for SOS

The Cross Stitch Crazy article was released in shops on 12th (yipee!), i had a nightmare getting hold of a copy in Cardiff, but eventually found one – PHEW! – it was a great ‘boost’, both personally, to the project and to the facebook group which has acquired a few supporters through this! Thanks goes out to the CSC team!!!!

Things continue to go well for the projects Facebook group – with people being incredibly helpful, supportive and insightful, not forgetting extremely creative too! It really is a high light of my day to ‘check in’ on this and see so many ‘threads’ being cast out and how many people are offering to help in so many fab ways!

Behind the scenes I am so grateful to all those invovled, largely my sister, friend and fellow admins – Hayley and Sara (only Hayley is unfortunate enough to be related to me! Ha Ha Ha!) who have been busy busy busy to get the website/leaflet/poster and project up and running and make sure things continue to be promising! Thanks Ladies! You, alongside the contributors, are fantastic!

Today is exciting for me as i am attending the ever amazing St Fagans group – Knit and Sew – can’t wait! Hope everyone’s day is great too!

Keep stitching and please keep spreading the stitching out stigma word! 🙂


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