What a day!

And not for a day dream…!!

I hope this finds you all well, thank you to anyone who does continue to read this, and obviously support the project in other ways too.

I bumped into an old support worker of mine today, whom i contacted to see if she would help raise awareness of this project, and she was so positive about it all that it really made me appreciate everything which has happened with SOS project, in such an incredibly short time – and feel very positive and excited about the future developments of this.


Further to this, i got some positive news for myself, personally, that i will be able to receive the inpatient care i have been aware i have needed, and been fighting to get, for some time. Sadly this will mean less access to internet potentially, so please do excuse me if i seem distant! I will still have it on/off, but i cannot be sure. sorry!

I hope i havent let you all down – if i didnt think i needed this, as badly as i know deep down i do (as much as i am scared too obviously as i know this wont be easy from here on it, but i also know it hasn’t been up until now!), i wouldnt have ‘left’ the project in the lurch so soon into it’s exciting start! However, i will do my utmost to keep it going, doing all i can, and i am so proud of all the followers and grateful to them all, and the fellow admin angels (Sara and Hay) for taking on roles and helping out and just being so enthusiastic and helpful.

I will look forward to this developing and i will certainly make good use of my time in the unit to cross stitch away some inevitable bordem/free time!

So, sorry this is short and sweet, but thanks all for listening – and speak soon! Keep up the amazing work guys and thanks for brightening so many of my days and hopefully helping stomp out/stitch out stigma together!

Keep happy! Keep stitching and keep in touch! 🙂


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