Sun, Stitching and Support

(Written 19th June 2014)

Things seem to be against me blogging at the moment. Firstly, the communal PC in the hospital I’m in is broken. Then my PC won’t load Word + now my biro has been ‘borrowed’! So it’s a felt tip mission + a plea to my sister to try + read my scrawl + type up for me! (Sister also had trouble figuring out how to blog, hence the delay)

Since being admitted it’s been a bit of a whirlwind of emotion + support has luckily been on hand – Phew! Thankfully the sun’s been shining so far too – so although I won’t do the whole 22 Jump Street ‘sun’s out, guns out’ thing, I’ve enjoyed doing ‘sun’s out, cross stitch out’!

I have been pleasantly surprised by how popular cross stitch is here at the moment – with all sorts of fab designs being used as a welcome distraction/time occupier + lots of craft mags + talk of craft store bargains to go along with it – fab! It inspired me to finally start my square for SOS – now that I have to be restful all day there really isn’t a better time! It is a welcome distraction for me as I do need my hands occupied to ‘quiet’ my mind’s ‘demons’. So far it’s going OK. It’s slow work, but v. addictive + hours pass without me leaving my aida or the sun – helpful to me + my care plan needs!!

Doing the square has brought some challenges – from locating aida in half unpacked bags, to choosing a design + ‘allowing’ myself to use my time to do this as opposed to being ‘productive’. Plus my 1st failed attempt at a design (which got unpicked many times!) definitely boiled my blood pressure and lowered my self esteem. But, like treatment, something it’s a matter of trial, error, taking 5, and then trying again.

I am glad to have a project to do and hope it turns out OK!

I hope everyone else is continuing to enjoy their stitching missions and some summer sun – keep strong all + thanks for being part of this project!

Nat x


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