(Written 8th July)

Hello all!

I hope July is treating you well!

I am excited by the developments of SOS project since my last blog.

Lots of new supporters have joined the Facebook page and group which is brilliant, although it was brought to my attention that the page not being linked to the group may mean some people are ‘missing out’ on updates.

We have been featured in Cardiff Times Magazine and gained the support of Time To Change campaign. Both very exciting, I hope you agree. If people aren’t local to Cardiff they can still read it online! And as for TTC campaign – updates will follow!

The forum hasn’t really taken off so perhaps this isn’t a useful resource – this is a shame, I feel – but also a learning curve that everything is trial and error! Facebook however seems to be increasingly active – brill!

My next missions with the campaign are to create an action plan using a familiar tool (often encountered in treatment) of the ‘SMART’ goal principles – meaning that things have to be smaller, manageable, achievable, realistic and timely goals. This will hopefully help the supporters and contributors and admins all ‘sing from the same hymn sheet’ and make sure every opportunity is met with optimal ‘oomph’…

On a personal note, I admit, I got a little bit disheartened that my blog might not be being read – then I realised how I am writing it as much for me as I am for others. I find therapy in writing and also I think having the ‘record’ will help me as I am a self confessed ‘little miss scatterbrain’…Obviously it would be lovely if people did benefit from the blog too – but ultimately this realisation was helpful to me too – how often do I, and others, forget to do things for themselves?! Or feel it’s pointless/unproductive to do so?!

As many of you will know the theme of mental health awareness week 2015 is relationships. This links in with the new group I have recently started in treatment = relationships group. I have found myself feeling more isolated and questioning my part in certain relationships recently. I have been criticising myself for how bad a friend/family member I am and also for how much I rely on others. I have felt inferior to others and found myself overly reliant on others approval and on services at times and then isolated at others. Again all useful things for me to be aware of and explore. I am also feeling very blessed to have such a lot of amazing supporters and people in my life, but finding this difficult as I am not in a good place to reciprocate this, I feel and then i just feel guilty for being needy/overly dependent on others.

We have joined up with ‘Time to Change’ who have the aim to ‘get people talking’ and this again, has caused me to question my own tendencies to go to extremes with isolation vs excessive neediness/talking.

In terms of boosts, I’ve been touched to see how many people have joined SOS and it was wonderful talking to a lovely lady, Helen, from TTC.

In terms of crafts – I’ve enjoyed seeing sock monkey making and glass painting workshops in treatment – showing the therapeutic values of crafts! I’ve enjoyed glass painting, knitting and cross stitch myself too!

So yes, that is my update!

Lots of awareness, lots to work on… in life, in craft, in total!

Hope everyone has had a great week and the week ahead is a good one too! Thanks for everything you all do and hope everything is going well with people’s stitching/personal missions!


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