Well, two blogs in as many days – quite a treat for me at least!

I had to blog again to update on all the exciting developments which have amounted in the past few days…

Firstly however, I do sincerely hope everyone is well and managing to enjoy as much of this sunshine and summer fun as possible/preferred. I am certainly enjoying spending time outside as much as I can and finding doing crafts out there an added bonus…as well as being able to chat to others doing the same. It is true that relationships are so important and sometimes just having someone to chat to or who gets ‘where you are coming from’ really can brighten your mood/day. As I believe I mentioned in previous blogs, after the thunderstorm on the weekend our internet signal went off which meant I was rendered without facebook/email/text/phonecalls for 3 days – sounds ok, but when this is coupled with inpatient treatment and no post (doesn’t get delivered on the weekend here) it really can prove a lonely time! So, I am glad to say, touch wood, it is back in full flow now! PHEW! As a result though I have been even slacker with the Facebook group/email account for this project, luckily my sister has been on hand to help and all seems good.

So exciting developments:-

Firstly, B-EAT have decided to support us which is excellent. As you may know, I am in recovery from an eating disorder so as B-EAT is the leading Eating Disorders charity in the UK it is a very positive development from my perspective! So, I have been writing a blog for their website too in order to introduce the ‘SOS’ idea to their readers. They have also kindly agreed to put a ‘shout on’ on social media for it! GREAT! Doing the blog was interesting too as I researched a bit of statistical information about eating disorders and stigma and it is really powerful stuff! I will be sure to let you know when the blog goes ‘live’ as well as any developments with them along the way!

Another excellent development is that Cardiff and Vale UHB – Adult Mental Health Unit have suggested a figure of £500 for the project – wonderful news! So now all we need to do is allocate each expenditure an amount and get the ball rolling on this! As always – all ideas/input welcomed

The things I have considered needing funds (unless we are able to secure charitable donations) are:-

Transport of projects from one location to another
Printing of posters/leaflets/written pieces
A book to display the written pieces in potentially
Wooden poles to display the project on

Any other ideas welcomed!

Continued thanks to everyone, Nat 🙂


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