(Written on August 8th)

I am absolutely over the moon to see the developments of stitching out stigma and that is all thanks to YOU wonderful people! I’m so happy to see new people join, updates on how contributions are coming along, how many people are helping to spread the word or display posters – all in the aim to stitch out stigma together! Every time i introduce the project to (hopeful) new supporters i feel a slight smile coming along as i remember how much this has spiralled from something so little. It shows the power of acting on ideas, recruiting people and sometimes just ‘going for it’ and ‘hoping’!

I do still find myself riddled with self doubt/criticism at how poorly I’m participating in the project – my square is not yet complete, my blogs are generally patchy and I’m not entirely sure where to start with a lot of the things i ‘should be doing’ or ‘should know’ and why things are quite so ‘overwhelmingly unorganised’ at times…perhaps this reflects my life, not just this project!

However, on a personal level – i am able to identify i often back out of projects, regret starting things, refuse support or try and ‘push it onto others’ to avoid failure being my own fault…but i do realise that this doesn’t always work AND actually never gets me to a point where i can challenge whether I CAN do anything… It’s a risk – but then, life is i guess!

My hopes this week are to:- 1. be more organised and ask for Hayley’s help to construct a database of supporters, try and formulate a map of contributors localities in order to suss out any group stitching opportunities. 2. Be more sociable – and NOT back out of things despite my self doubt or fears and 3. Continue to listen to my wise mind/body and 4. Continue to keep calm and stitch on!

Hope everyone has a good week and that many positives happen for everyone too!


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