(Written on August 9th)

Wonderfully crafty day today in St Fagans – tote bag making workshop! It really is a super place to go too – although i didn’t get chance to wander around it today, i have been many (many many) times! I use to hate it a couple of years ago thanks to it being a regular school trip during primary school – BUT since ‘growing up’ (well getting older!!) i have learnt to appreciate it much more! Its really worth a visit if anyone hasn’t been before! So much history there and beauty – PLUS these craft groups are awesome and everything is FREE to attend! Brilliant!

I also got to meet a stitching out stigma supporter – super! And see some familiar friendly faces who are always brilliant to catch up with and genuinely NICE people who make going, even more of a pleasure! It challenged my social anxiety/avoidance which i seem to be experiencing lately too, which is hopefully going to pose positively for my recovery! It was also lovely to see how ‘strangers’ can come together and create wonderful pieces of craft whilst having friendly chatter – and everyone seemed happier for the both!

I must admit i wasn’t over the moon with mine (and i sympathised for the kind tutors who had to basically babysit me all the way!) but i am glad to have gone and given it a go! I also saw a WONDERFUL friend who has been a key player in SOS so far and continues to make amazing creative things daily – including a beautiful ‘fairy’ stitched card i was fortunate to get today! It really does show that there is so much talent, thoughtfulness and true friendship out there!

I hope everyone’s enjoying their creativity!


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