Morning everyone!

I am sure i am not alone by being truly saddened and shocked by the sad passing of such a talented actor, at such a young age, to such devastating circumstances. I heard this morning that the brilliant actor, Robin Williams, has passed away due to suspected suicide having suffered with depression. Such a cruel illness, such a sad outcome. I have always classed Robin Williams as one of my favourite actors as everyone in the hospital i have recently been in will tell you – every question such as ‘fave actor/dinnerparty guests/fave films’ included him. I love ‘Jack’, ‘Dead poets society’, ‘Mrs Doubtfire’…the list goes on. Anyway, it felt appropriate to mention it here, because of it’s relevance to a project aimed at educating people on mental health issues, and also due to how much it made me realise that:- Individuals, regardless of whether we know them personally or from afar – can really impact on our lives. Again, i have seen this through the stitching project too and through my own journeys with mental health!

Depression is serious and needs to be taken seriously. Depression, Suicidal urges, do not only affect a ‘certain’ type of person – we are all at risk of mental health issues to some extent.

Also, it is touching how many individuals have posted messages of support on facebook, talked about it on the news or paid their respects to Robin Williams, so far. Which shows that so many people cared about him, i have to wonder, did he feel this when in the depths of depression?

Just a short blog today. But hopefully a thoughtful one. keep safe everyone, never feel alone.



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