Priorities amiss…

Hello all – Just a quick update again – having a bit of a bad time at the moment (hope thats ok to share) – feeling a bit frustrated with a stale lifeless existance and a bit confused as to where to put priorities.
I was really looking forward to group in St Fagans today – always a cheery group and fun crafty event – but i took a shift in work instead because they are so short and i have such respect for the team i work with, that i felt bad for choosing to do something i enjoy (group) selfishly over lending a hand where needed…but now i feel bad for not going to group,,,its all a bit odd in my head really! However, that is me!

I am really excited still by SOS and hoping it continues to go well and bring people together too.
I really like this idea of doing round robin squares too which hopefully we can kick off soon…
have had some lovely messages and seen a fab square already this week so can’t wait for more of the same!
best wishes and kind regards to all! 🙂


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