The first robins of the year?

Hello all! Its the first day of Autumn today apparently, and whilst it certainly is colder and ‘fresher’ (shall we say!), the sun has been kind to us too so it hardly feels like a typical Welsh September!

I hope everyone is well and enjoying some of the sun – natural vitimin D boost! Plus everyone just seems happier in the sun i always think!

I feel, once again, that i have been rather slack on this project and for that i can only apologise.

I am however, always pleased to hear how people are getting on and see the new developments. Most recently thanks to a committed (and extremely caring/lovely) stitcher on SOS project, we have started to launch ‘Round Robins’ which is a ‘mass effort’ really. Basically individual squares will (hopefully) circulate the globe being passed from stitcher to stitcher and then the end pieces will be returned to St Fagans by May 2015 to be sewn in with the other squares – a bit of teamwork!

We’ve also had a few new members join in and thats always smile worthy stuff – more to come i hope!

Have a lovely day all! 🙂


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