Hello all! Happy World Mental Health Day! I hope it helps guide some of you to support and reminds you of how amazing your journeys are and can be – sadly mental health is an uphill struggle at times, but with support and strength, hopefully, one which can be overcome!

I had a wonderful ‘stitchy’ session last Saturday by joining a new craft group (big thing for me to enter an ‘unknown’ social place at the moment) -0 it was wonderful! so relaxed, great people and really enjoyable all round. look forward to the next!

the developments of sos continue – although I have shamefully been slack on the sos mission – my sister has been fab at helping and the members of the sos community are also amazing at helping spread the word! As a result we’ve had a lot of new members and hopefully some new supporters on the cards too!

I had a wonderful day off on Tuesday with my family, which reminds me how important the theme of relationships is in mental health. I’m still struggling, managing to maintain a healthy weight, feeling pretty relaxed eating previously ‘forbidden’ foods and being lazy in general and working – missing the social aspects of life with friends/dates but that’s all to come I hope! Proud of friends and family for their achievments and this is helping spur me on to!

Not been great with my own crafts this week – but I will hopefully get chance to do more stitchy sessions soon! would love to hear how everyone else’s stitching is going so please do keep updating the facebook community!

have a wonderful week guys! thank you all for being fab!



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