A flurry of fabness in february

Hi all, just a quick update as I realise it’s been a while sorry!

lots of positives have happened since my last blog.

weve had a mention in cross stitch crazy again thanks to you guys and the lovely Yvette, hopefully a winner will receive a free copy soon too!

cross stitch collection have also featured us! fab

place to be have agreed to give us a shout out, as have a few other places – fab – more awareness the better!

bit worried we still haven’t had a confirmation from john lewis or Cardiff students 100% which is a worry as they are providing the skills and materials to complete it all. BUT

Thanks to you all we’ve had AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING squares in and a few super written pieces too! fabulous thanks all!

More are needed asap as the deadline is end of March…

Weve had great leaflets created too which have been displayed in various locations – cafe’s, doctors settings, chapter arts centre, sandmartin pub in Cardiff and possibly other places! I’ll continue to try to get the word out I promise and would appreciate if anyone could help….

Also FABULOUS to see some people at the ST FAGANS group Sian kindly hosted with me – it was a great informal stitch and chat – lovely to meet people and to see some WIP!

On a personal note – I’ve secured a new job/new house and so I’m feeling nervous/positive – but excited for the future of SOS and in general!

All of this wouldn’t be possible without you all and a special mention to my super sis too – she’s constant source of support and help! Keep up the hard work all and get in touch if I can help! 🙂


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