March reasons to be happy!

Today is International Day of happiness and with the sun shining and daffodils out everywhere, I certainly can find a reason or two to smile – whats more – this projects development so far is cause for my lips to curl upwards! Thanks to you all!

Its been AMAZING to see all the support and contributions continuing to flow! The effort, time and ideas which have gone into the pieces I’ve been fortunate enough to see are just AMAZING! I’m so touched to be involved in SOS for this reason! Plus, every bit of writing, every verbal acknowledgment of struggles people are facing/overcoming and every offer to support/advise others – is heartwarming. Thank you all!

I managed to distribute all the posters we purchased thanks to Simone at Whitchurch Hospital and other kind souls who helped.

You guys have been brilliant in sending in items – fab!

The facebook group continues to be a hive of activity

And Hayley is busy working on updates to the website/map I believe, especially now we are going to go ahead and extend the final article/project until Dec 2015 as people seem to support this – thanks!

John Lewis have confirmed they are still on board and I have also contacted a few people after the super cross stitch crazy competition helpfully gathered so many brill suggestions! Thanks all!

I do hope you are all well 🙂 Enjoy spring!


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