WOWEE! What a super start to April – not only have we been blessed with fabulously hot temperatures for a span of spring days (so far – hope it continues!!), but SOS is blossoming too!

I am so grateful, continually, for everyone’s work and for how people are joining/helping and spreading awareness of it. Its really ‘taken off’ and that is all thanks to YOU GUYS! There have been some definite ‘boosts’ including awareness in France thanks to one kind soul, Mr Stitch site thanks to another has given us a great ‘shout out’ and the fabulous donations which arrived in time for the deadline of 31st March are just amazing too!

We have been fortunate that Sian has kept them safe until this date and we have had confirmation from John Lewis regarding fabric provision (phew! and yippee!) so all that’s left to do is sew them together!

We’ve also had some super written pieces too which brought me to tears, alongside the squares themselves, as they spoke volumes about the contributors journeys and really wow’ed me about how generous and talented people are! Its really touching how people have joined in and taken the time to stitch their own stories, alongside having the courage/kindness to share it with us! I have to admit, I could never have predicted such an impact and I do sincerely hope people are keeping well and enjoying being part of it!

Its certainly attracted a range of people and I hope it continues to do so in order to really ‘shout out about the truth’ behind mental health issues.

Mental Health awareness week is fast approaching and hopefully we’ll complete a small display with the 25 fabulous squares we’ve received!


We’ve all felt it ‘ok’ to extend the final deadline until DEC 2015 so there is still time to get more contributions and I hope this works out as being the case! I know a few people are hoping to complete a square for the project and I hope the next few months will attract and encourage a range of squares!

Its really tearjerkingly heartwarming in the most awesome of ways to receive each square/written piece. Such amazing stories showing strength of incredible individuals. such talent. such kindness.

The facebook group continues to show ongoing strength, despite ongoing battles. There is a true sense of community/support and encouragement and it’s so lovely to be part of something like this! I hope everyone feels similar.

Please – I urge everyone to keep going in their own journeys and keep using support available and if people still feel able to contribute or spread the SOS word – that’s super! BUT, I must stress, if at anypoint it makes anyone unwell to be involved, they must priories their health/wellbeing, so there is no shame in dropping out of this – or taking a break – but equally, if we can help then I hope people feel able to ‘reach out’ – a problem shared could well be a problem halved or atleast it’s potentially quartered!?!?

Until next time – THANKS and keep fabulous! You have truly made April amazing so far !


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