Hello all and welcome to ‘MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK 2015″


Today I had a very good ‘SOS’ boost – I met a lovely lady on a training course I was doing for work who had knowledge of ‘SOS’ thanks to Betsan Corkhill’s kindness of mentioning us through her amazing website about benefits of knitting/craft – http://stitchlinks.com/

I also was CHUFFED to log onto the INTRANET in the course and see a post for NHS staff thanks, I believe, to Simone!

I have also heard from the fabulous Alice at UWE who is still keen to display the project, alongside Llanover hall and Gabalfa clinic – just securing some details at the moment (sorry!) but i’ll keep members posted! 🙂

I do feel dreadful that I was too late to organise a display for this week, especially considering how hard people worked to complete their projects by the first deadline. But I promise to be more organised, if I can, in the future! sorry!

Great to see more members joining too and I am still hoping to ‘spread the word’ through media/posters and maybe even some radio mentions if possible.

I hope, if you get chance, you are finding a way to be mindful this week – check out http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/our-work/mentalhealthawarenessweek/ for ideas and support on how. Or why not look for a local session of mindfulness? they are often FREE to attend too!

On a personal note, I was able to read a book mindfully today on the bus, I have been for a walk by the beach and made sure to soak up some lovely beach air/views and the warmth of the sun and I am currently receiving some ‘ACT’ therapy for my own well being which focuses on a lot of ‘mindful’ acts too. I also plan to engage in some mindful crafts soon too!

If you’re on our facebook group – please do share if you manage to be mindful too and, as always, keep posting messages and pictures and links on there – it’s really wonderful to see it developing into a community of it’s own!


As always, I am very grateful to you all – every member, every person whose spread the word, every supporter and my wonderful friends/family for all they do!

Have a peaceful evening and keep stitching! 🙂


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