Stitching Out Stigma gets ‘out there’ for the first time! :)

Hi all,

Its nearing the end of 2015 mental health awareness week, its been nice to see so much coverage on some social media and papers. Important stuff I think you’ll agree.

I am thrilled to bits that, thanks to Simone (NHS) and Gabalfa CMHT we were able to display SOME of the fab pieces from SOS.

Obviously, it would’ve been lovely to get lots of displays going so that everyone’s piece could be used, sadly this wasn’t to be, but we will hopefully get some more display chances soon!

It was so difficult for HAYLEY and myself to construct the small display because EVERYONE’s piece was so good. We both hated choosing and in no way does it reflect badly on others pieces, as they are all worthy of ‘showing off’ and key to the project.

I know, a tendency for a few people (Hay and I included) is to think negatives (I blame my name – NAT – Negative Automatic Thoughts!) and think ‘well we obviously weren’t good enough’ or ‘theres is better’ or ‘mine isn’t valued’ or ‘why did I bother’ etc, or to feel hurt/let down/upset by knock backs – and this is not our intention at all. We’re all human though and I am truly sorry if, by not including your piece, this time, it created any negative emotions.

On a positive – I hope the display will get more people to join in, both contributing and spreading the word! I also hope they will become valued members of the community on the facebook group which blossoms with support and kindness constantly! Thanks all! Its a pleasure to be part of!

It was my mission (during training breaks) in llandough hospital this week to get some posters up – I managed a few and I cheekily ‘name dropped stitching out stigma’ to other trainees too! great responses!

I hope this week has been a good one for you, keep fabulous and have a great day! 🙂


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