A bit of a personal one!

Hello there and I hope you are all well and enjoying some stitching and some sunshine!

I am glad to say I’ve started a new square myself, as I say, the more the better so please feel free to do more too if you have time/want to!

I am priveldged that my fab sister is helping me to ‘slowly but surely’ update the website to make the info current – so sorry it’s got so out of date – my fault entirely! Luckily Hayley is to the rescue! As I did the update however, it occurred to me how brilliant this has developed  – in such a short time! long may it continue!

I have also started actioning the points from the productive meeting with NHS contact Simone! again slowly but surely!

I had a mindful week too – lots of exploring sun and taking photos of flowers I like or things which I find beautiful (sadly didn’t buy any nice shoes to photograph or run into johnny depp otherwise he might feature too! )

On a personal note – I had a really thoughtful moment about ‘stigma’ and I hope its ok to share….I confess I am struggling quite a bit at the moment with my own mental health for various reasons and I felt the need to tell my flatmates that I have anorexia and depression. I haven’t so far as I was hoping to ‘hide it’. However, I was touched by their understanding and supportive response – PHEW! – and it has made the ‘air a lot clearer’. I wasn’t intending to excuse some of my moods/actions, but just explain them a little in order to hopefully suggest a progression may be possible and is my intention eventually (i.e. I would love to eat out with them or do communal cooking – but this isn’t possible for me at this moment, I feel).

This also made me think though

– why are we so ashamed of mental health issues when we can quite happily talk (often loudly in TESCO or on a bus!) about our ill health at times or make no secret of going to the dentist etc… or we can discuss diets/slimmingworld/gym routines yet anorexia creates an ‘iffy’ air

– why are we not mindful that mental health issues affect so many and quite often I have been surprised to tell people and hear their own stories/experiences! plus look at famous people….

– why are we labelling mental health hospitals as shameful places still, at times, I have been in them as a patient and staff and have countless memories of hearing ‘nut house’, ‘loony bin’, ‘asylum’

– what can we do to break free of the barriers and chains of the stigmas so we can seek support and treatment without fear or secrecy but with pride of overcoming such conditions

Not questions needing responses, just thoughts, hope its ok to share. maybe you feel similar, I apologise if you disagree and i have offended anyone 😦

Take care, Nat 🙂


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