Feeling blessed with sun, smiles and such a lot of generous support

Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3

I hope everyone enjoyed this bank holiday! It was lovely weather (although I hear it may turn bad after tomorrow – lets ignore that and ‘mindfully’ live in the moment!)

Just to let everyone know, following our successful first display in Gabalfa Clinic – thanks all – the items are now safely back here as the boards were needed for use else where – and the UWE display is ‘on the cards’ thanks to the amazing Alice at UWE, which I will obviously let you all know about ASAP!

Today I met a fabulous lady, Helen, from John Lewis! She was really friendly, welcoming and generously gave us a donation (worth £18!) for backing material – we looked at various options and her advice was to opt for this – fingers crossed it will do the trick! We are very grateful of their support an generosity!

I must admit my self esteem took a bit of a knock and I felt a bit ‘out of place’ in the store (do people really have that amount of money??!!), so walking out with a branded bag gave me (and I know it shouldn’t but it does) a bit of a boost – like the whole pretty woman ‘big mistake scene’, the weren’t to know it wasn’t a purchase lol. Lovely to meet her though and get the fabric – another ‘step’ for sos’.

Were currently trying to sort out the posters too so watch this space 🙂

As always, a pleasure to see it all developing! 🙂 Thanks all – have a lovely day!


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