A rather crafty week

Today I have discovered that there is a lot of truth in the theory that learning something new can give you a ‘boost’. I attended a FABULOUS group today – welcome to all im told, in a lovely little ‘find’ of a café ‘Cardiff Made, in Roath, Cardiff’. A lovely small group (including a familiar face – my previous patchwork teacher!! – small world), friendly/welcoming, relaxed spacious environment and great staff, plus the teacher was amazing and this is her traditional craft. check it out…https://uk.pinterest.com/bappi/nakshi-kantha/ – sad story (almost like a stitchy version of Romeo and  Juliet) behind the origins she told us, but also something Bangladeshi children start at age 5ish! wow! (although I did feel slightly anxious at the thought that if I cant do it and a 5 year old could….lol….but I thoroughly enjoyed having a go! and being social a bit more! I did give a cheeky mention of SOS too and wondered about seeing if the café might help too.

Also – I loved seeing ‘rag rug making’ at st fagans and the CSAD quilt display http://cardiff-school-of-art-and-design.org/2012/maggie-cullinanes-sponsored-quilt-project/ and also indulging in some craft myself! (including cross stitch!)

Anyway – I did feel bad for having to cancel Saturday UWE display – however, hopefully it’ll happen soon! watch this space! Sadly, there were unforeseeable circumstances this time – but fear not, we’ll get sos displays up soon 🙂 your work is too fab not to!

I hope everyone is well and having a stitchy/sunny weekend! Cant believe it’s JUNE already! We have a few months left to get the squares in though and now we have business cards (hoping to get posters sorted soon) so that might help.

until next time – happy stitching! thanks for reading! and keep in touch 🙂st fagans (24)

Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3



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