To celebrate I attended Sians super St Fagans knit and sew group and started a new SOS attempt!It was just the ‘therapy’ I needed to forget for a while about my eating disorder thoughts, the rain and life in general! Replaced instead with a lovely chatty group atmosphere, lots of laughter and interesting chatter, being inspired by everyone and especially the SOS ELEMENT!

Sian ha kindly held onto 4 super mew SOS squares and written pieces which I opened with delight and they certainly got a lot of attention from the group and lovely comments! Well done all! Also felt so proud explaining about how amazingly the project has developed and how far its stretched AND giving out some business cards was fab too! Also met someone who was going to contribute who reminded me that I must try and organise another group locally soon – I hope others are interested too….

Plus there was a super social anthropology student from Manchester who was doing research on St Fagans and had sat in our session. I think he was quite shocked by how lively and fun our circle was (not like some stereotypes of knit groups I bet!) and he also loved your pieces! WELL DONE and thank you so so much, for the pieces and for brightening my whole week!

AMAZING! Keep up the awesome work and I hope you’ve all had enjoyable days too! 🙂


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