Motivated by Meditation – a good form of medication!?

What a beautiful sunny weekend it was! I hope you agree and that you too managed to enjoy it in some way!
Sunday was very ‘event ful’ too – fathers day, summer solstice, international day of yoga and the start of adult learners week to name a few – its enough to make you forget its a Sunday (notoriously a day of rest right!?)
I was fortunate enough to do some yoga/ meditation with the lovely Sian, in honour of ‘summer solstice’. As you may know, Summer solstice is a time for change, it comes from the Latin ‘Solstitium’ meaning ‘sun sands still’ and happens when the sun is at its highest point/furthest from the equator. It celebrates growth and life for pagans who are mindful of the shift in seasons and also marks the start of darker early evenings. I felt this was relevant to highlight on SOS as some people may agree that the climate/amount of light in a day and meditation can all play a part in mental health issues. I personally know i struggle more in darker months and that sunshine helps make life feel a little more worth living….Again, personally i felt this was an interesting thing to highlight for myself as motivating positive change is much needed at the moment. Sadly i spent Friday in A & E and appointments where it was decided that community living is no longer ideal for my well being, and i am due to be admitted to hospital on Monday for inpatient treatment. I always have mixed feelings regarding admission – fear, dread, guilt, panic, relief, thoughtfulness, angst, hope…but i guess i recognise i am not coping well and need a bit of respite to help me reshape my mind and body. So, this occassion of ‘growth, life and change’ could well be the omen i needed…. I also need to face up to the fact that i am unable to cope in the community so will need to hand in my notice on my house and job asap. Failure in some sense, but a necessary ‘break’ too as well as a clear sign i need to change for the good, as by losing weight, i also lose far more…i loose life!

in 2014, Sunday 21st June was declared as the International day of Yoga by the united nations general assembly. Yoga is a an ancient holistic practice which aims to tranform body and mind. The current Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, stated ” Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition, it embodies unity of mind and body thoughtout and actions restraint and fulfilment, harmony between man and nature a holistic approach to health and well-being, it is not about exercise but to discover the sence of one-ness between you the world and nature. Let us work towards adopting a national Yoga day. ” It actually formed part of a treatment i once recieved for my illness and i feel its popularity, alogsidee pilates/yogalates/tai chi, has grown in popularity recently. Perhaps you’ve tried it yourself? I am fortunate that i was able to attend a few sessions with Sian who facilitated fab yoga and adapted it to individual levels. it helps me by allowing me to stretch my body and mind, i feel, aswell as be sociable slightly at a time in my life where sadly sometimes talking can feel too much, and also gives me insight into how unfit my aching body has become. But change is hard, daunting and unprodicble, so whether this period of change will be ‘my time’ is the unknown answer, but one things for sure, its worth a go….
Fathers day, is a more wider recognised celebration of dad’s everywhere, a chance to thank that special man in your life, or perhaps someone who ‘fills’ the dad role despite blood relation. I am incredibly forntunte to have an amazing father. Our relationship has had its ups and downs, we havent always seen eye to eye, but hopefully he knows how much i care for him, love him, trust him and feel lucky to have him in my life. He is that special man who has empathy, understanding, a cracking sense of humour, tolerance, wisdom, a kind heart and is an awesome problem solver. He puts up with my ill health, my moods, my moaning and always is ready to offer practical help too whether it be helping me with maths or playing taxi to me. Since i’ve been unwell we have encountered many obsticles and i am ashamed to admit, i have been a dreadful daughter, ungrateful, rude and quite unkind at times, but when it comes down to it, i do and will always, love him, and he plays a big part in helping me through my own ill health. As well as dad, i am lucky to have the rest of my fabulous friends and family – who have given me continued hope/encouragement/time/help and input throughout my life — thank you all!
As for it being the end of adult learners week, this is poinyant too, learning doesnt need to stop at school, we learn something new everyday and have opportunities, should we wish to advance that. I personally find learning interesting and have pondered various courses/educational options in the past, as well as enjoyed a few courses. To be healthy enough to benefit fully from learning, i know i need to motivate positive lifestyle/health changes, so again, this ties in with the summer solstice very well. The mind cannot work without adequate nurturing and equally we cannot grow in knowledge/widsom without fuelling our brain. As much as this doesnt occur to me at times. Even things like cross stitch can help learn new skills or gain knowledge, so by partaking in SOS we are having an adult learning week of our own! YIPPEE!
So, all in all, a very relevant day to a mental health project, like ours, and definately a chance to embrace new times/challenges and use them to spur on posiive action/change, i feel. So, on that note, have a peaceful and productive week all, and keep nuturing your body, mind, soul and life as needed.
Kind regards, Nat 🙂

ps feel free to share your experiences and check out the links i used (below) to aid this article. Also thank you so much to everyone for the wonderfully kind messages of hope, love and kindness during this time of my life, i am very lucky to have you all 🙂


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