Time for TLC – Time Loving Cross stitch!

As I type this having ‘settled’ slightly in the hospital ward, i can safely say that cross stitch has been a god send these past few days!
It was a ‘must pack’ item for me as i was well aware that my usual ‘fast paced’ lifestyle which i try to ‘upkeep’ was about to decline rapidly to an almost standstill! Having a sense of productivity and purpose can help pass some of the ‘free time’ you find on your hands/minds when in such settings. Plus i have various craft projects which anorexic led lifestyle doesnt allow for when ‘rest’ is seen as lazy, but whilst in the restrained routine of a hospital where my general amount of activity is walking to the meal room and lifting fork to mouth and plate generally, its welcomed!
On admission, When they were doing my bag checks to make sure i hadn’t brought any ‘countrabanded items in’ (which vary from hospital to hospital but are largely wires/sharps and sometimes gum/fizzy pop) and proposed that i would not be allowed to keep the needle ,for safety reasons, my first reaction was that of panic! “But i cross stitch so i don’t kill people” was my thought, which thankfully i didn’t allow to ‘slip out’ of my psyche verbally! Instant close observations would have surely followed! However, they compromised that i just need to ask for my needles and keep them safe when i have them, fair enough when on a ward where others may use them adversely regardless of how i intended to.
Since being here i have certainly found time to stitch and therapy through this. I’ve passed hours sitting in a small shaft of sunlight in the privacy of my ward bedroom and letting myself simply ‘switch of an sew’ – a welcome and necessary ‘TLC’ time i feel! Much more to follow im sure! Plus i’ve even had a few ‘cheeky chats’ from it and impressed (i think) the occupational therapy team and GP with the hard work all the SOS contributors have put in so far! Thanks all and i hope you too are finding these form of needles as much part of treatment as other more medical ones if you too are in similar situations!
Best wishes and keep stitching, Natalie!


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