Needle-less to say – I need my needles at the moment….

Or a new brain would also help.

I’m on one of ‘those moods’ weeks where the reality of existing with my mental health state as it seems to be, is pressing buttons of my body/mind/lifestyle and those around me – in all the wrong places. perhaps this is a selfish reason to blog – finding therapy through the ‘FROZEN’ route of ‘let it go’ and ‘keeping calm and blogging’. But also, I kinda felt, that maybe its an ideal opportunity to blog, to show that mental health issues aren’t just ‘straight forward’ and that every day can feel like an uphill endless battle when things look grim…

Feel free to ignore! lol

Basically, I am ‘in limbo’ with admissions/mind set and having lost my job/house/some positivity – I guess I am struggling to see the ‘best way’ through it all. Anorexic mindset has some ideas (!!!) and Nat has some (!!!) and care team have some (!!!) and friends/family have some (!!!)…I am so fortunate (far too much I feel at times) because I have been so supported online, through post, through visitors, through this project and just in general – yet, somehow the anorexic mindframe still distorts and destructs,  I feel…. or more to the point, I feel at times, I am allowing it to.

However GUYS – and this is the appropriate part of the blog! lol

I hope everyone knows how grateful I am – you guys have shown so much love/care to me – thank you!

I still hope that SOS wont suffer or burden others, because of my own situation and I still advertise it proudly (and cheekily) whenever I can!)

I hope you are all keeping well as can be and keeping hopeful, happy and working hard!

And, as the title suggests, I am finding a true sense of sanctuary and comfort through my needles (ok I am being a traitor to the craft of stitching by doing knitting too! and trying to – master crochet too – more so having heard of the sad passing of an inspirational lady – and wanting to help support their awareness project involving the art of crochet which helped her through her struggles). I have been working on a piece for SOS and knitting – as a time filler (although I did get sunburnt as I wasn’t being mindful!), a therapy and a desperate plea to find positive use of time so I don’t feel like such an unproductive louse…so as I keep calm (ish) and use my needle craft to try and keep calm and carry on with constructive recovery missions – I send positive vibes to my SOS buddies and hope they too are finding hope and strength and self compassion, even if they too can relate to the feel of my ‘like a needle lost in a haystack’ headspace – rant over for today  – have a super stitchy day – lets all find a positive to celebrate…!

on an aside too (!) I have a fab calendar, given to me by an even more fab family (who have become like a dearly loved family to me!) and today is apparently ‘START A MEXICAN WAVE DAY’ – SO *DONS IMAGINERY SOBRERO AND OTHER MEXICAN LIKE THINGS….Crochet poncho anyone?!?!* lets get a sos one started for positivity for this Friday morning! 🙂

TTFN Stitchy friends 🙂 Have a great day *normal (ish) welsh wave*


One response to “Needle-less to say – I need my needles at the moment….

  1. Glad that you’re putting your thoughts into writing and sharing them in this way that reaches out to others. It sounds like you’re in a really difficult time. I completely understand and am sending lots of love and support your way. HUGS.

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