Jolly July!

Hello there! Well, considering it’s ‘summer’ the weather today has been very…welsh (aka rain rain rain!) HOWEVER, my spirits cannot be dampened when in great company it seems!

Alice and Dylan are two dear friends (Alice I’ve known for some years, Dylan only more recent, yet I feel ‘safe and at home’ in their fab company – truly amazing people who accept me for me and encourage positivity! Plus they got me roses and have fab puppies!! perfect!)

I caught up with them and heard all about how YOUR HARD WORK was so well received in UWE – Alice is not going to leave it in UWE for risk of damage – HOWEVER, there may be a potential similar display on the cards thanks to her hard work and dedication/kindness – we’ll keep you posted! They are always busy bee’s and on top of helping us – they have ventured into the wonderful world of creativity themselves via UPCYCLING – if you have a second to check out their facebook/website I’d highly recommend it – this is beautiful, bespoke furniture, created with love, hard work, talent (and tea/red bull!) and is adaptable to every individual! I am in admiration of the pieces ive seen and would highly recommend it to everyone (even if I wasn’t lucky enough to know the craftspeople myself!) well done guys and best of luck! i’ll continue to spread the word and beam about you if you continue to be awesome!

I have only recently been discharged from an acute ward, a very good one actually which gave me some much needed respite/craft (!) time. I managed to rest, get some cross stitch time and was overwhelmed by the incredible support, both from you guys and my fab friends and family – shows that support combined with therapy through stitching, can really prove beneficial! I definitely intend to take the kind messages of support and my stitching to the specialist unit too!

Keep in touch guys and let us know how you are getting on – keep well and enjoy July, best wishes and thanks for all your support! 🙂

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing too amazing friends to catch up over coffee and craft talk! Julie and Jane are both uber awesome crafters and superb friends and just awesome people full stop!

I am due to be admitted to a specialist unit again on Tue, I must apologise for my lack of posting/involvment in my period of treatment as I am unsure of what resources i’ll have – HOWEVER I still very much hope SOS continues to blossom and that each contributors/supporter does the same, live your life however makes you happy and keep well too 🙂 You’re all super!


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