Sun, Stitching and some awareness spreading time…

Hello all!

Hasn’t today been gorgeously hot and sunny! Even in Wales! It certainly helps my mood!

Plus apparently today is national ice cream day! GOOD TIMING EH!

I hope the stitching, and life, continues to prove gleeful for all you amazing people! Its lovely to see the facebook community interacting – so please keep it going! I feel awful however, that I have been ‘off the scene’ somewhat and thus haven’t really been able to be as pro active as I want to be (or need to be considering the deadline is creeping up OCT 31) 😦 and no groups as yet either – sorry guys!

However, since the arrival of our very own A5 posters, I have taken some posters on my travels – some people have been keen to display it – others not so much and have probably binned them as they haven’t been visible on future visits 😦

BUT – looking at the positives – its been a lovely confidence boost to reflect on and share the SOS journey so far and hopefully some new supporters will arise from it….

Barry Island community centre, a few Costa’s and Starbucks cafes, the bunkhouse, the abacus have all agreed to display one – I must say, it gives me a slight ‘feel good factor tingle’ when I see ‘sos’ advertised! 🙂

I also asked costcutters, asda stores and waitrose magazine to consider us, but Im unsure, as yet, how this will turn out – fingers crossed…

As always, so grateful to everyone for their involvement and I hope you guys are all equally ‘wowed’ by the progress so far! 🙂

Have a lovely sunday! 🙂


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