Its Friday and i’m feeling loved…

Ironically that song popped into my head before I realised that it was done by the awesome band ‘THE CURE’ – potentially double meaning for something surrounding health?!?!

Anways – to the blog! 🙂

On a starting note, I’m actually really enjoying writing these blogs and regardless of whether they get red or are useful to the campaign (although obviously it would be nice for both to be true!) its a form of therapy in itself. Different from writing a diary too as I feel, as its online, its kind of ‘out’ as apposed to a diary which I carry on me (until the point I usually get bored of writing it and shred it or just leave it in a drawer – the latter is more likely for me which then leads to me finding multiple diaries everytime I have a sort out/move, with sadly similar entries which brings home some truths of the loop I am in a lot of the time….) I am actually considering writing a ‘recovery journey’ blog too – to keep me motivated, but I shall see how I get on 🙂

So, its a miserable start to a July Friday – it must be half term summer in Wales!!! 🙂 HOWEVER – it cannot dampen my spirits thanks to the lovely crew at SOS! YES YOU READING THIS ARE PART OF THAT!!!!

I have spent time this week ‘ spreading posters’ around Penarth, Barry and Cardiff – Its been really nice to see peoples responses (mostly) and also to just explain the premise of the project which kind of brings home how amazing it is doing! Quite surreal.

I’m TOUCHED by who ever has kindly posted a link on their own blog, spread the word, joined our project/group on fbk and stuck us on REDDIT! Its all a huge help and very much appreciated! THANKS!!!! 🙂

Yesterday alone I added 12 new members to the group – YES 12!!! its fabulous! Thanks and welcome to everyone!

I’m doing a lot of craft myself at the moment in an attempt to ‘keep calm and craft on’, stitching being part of this.

On a personal note – I am struggling quite a bit, so much so that I have been quite ‘desperate’ and hated myself for begging for extra support from my hometeam or an admission after my last ‘failed’ due to my low priority need. HOWEVER, both SOS and the amazing friends/family I have help so much AND I have been ever so touched by everyone’s messages of support and encouragement, not to forget the AMAZING gifts I have been fortunate to be sent – I really don’t deserve such compassion or kindness, but I am very lucky I know. It is very humbling how, despite woes themselves im sure, people openly support each other, and me, through illnesses or crisis. FAB to see!

Finally, a bit of motivation came from watching 2 inspiring things yesterday – ‘SOUL SURFER’ film about a surfer who loses her arm and still manages to stay up beat and surf AND (my weakness!) RUSSELL HOWARD last night – with an incredibly motivational young boy with a rare condition – Kid present, who, despite difficulties battles through and stays upbeat and STILL helps others. Cute and inspiring! 🙂

So that’s all for now folks – have a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading 🙂


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