Everyday may not be good, but theres something good in every day

This is my motto lately and my task daily is to find 3 positives in each day – its something I got told to do in therapy years ago, and found helpful but then, like most things I start, it dwindled off. It is meant to help you get in to a positive mindset easier, and it is possible to find 3 in even the lowest of days – even if it is just “a nice cup of tea” or “the sun was out” or “got to wear my fave socks”…!

I am currently now in hospital, its been a long fight to get in here, a long road to here and its likely to be a hellishly long and winding road ahead – like the Robert Frost poem outlines, I have choices of which routes to take and I have to make sure I choose wisely. So far, I haven’t always done this, hence being back here again, but who knows what this time will hold. No one knows …a scary thought, but possibly a hopeful prospect.

My admission was made much better thanks to the amazing support I got from everyone – including largely from my ‘friends’ on SOS – you guys are super, thank you, I am continually touched and in awe of you all and take strength from you, and hope in time I can offer it back to you. I have brought some posters with me too in order to spread the ‘sos’ blog up this way – asked waitrose store in Marlbrough on my way here! 🙂 also put one up in the unit yesterday (but then panicked when someone said ‘have you seen that x stitch thing?!’ – were they going to critique it?!/…phew they were lovely and it gave me pride to say about it!). I also watched the you tube video ‘floss’ posted on the sos facebook group – felt very touched by this – thanks!

On a personal note, the unit is both filled with lovely people and lovely crafts – everyone is so sweet and kind and strong PLUS there is an amazing amount of talent here – colouring, cross stitch, knitting amongst others – brilliant! I have no shame in getting on with my own projects, including my current sos square – which ironically is based on the topic of this post – finding the good…

I would love it if people kept updating SOS on their own progress and continue to spread the word – the deadline is approaching (Oct) but there is so much time to keep spreading the word! 🙂

On a mental health note – I see there was a feature on funding issues on the news last week – hopefully awareness will bring positive change which is so desperately needed.

I hope everyone continues to be strong and keep crafting – much love and happy August everyone – lets make it a good one…


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