Stitchy Sunday with a bit of sun too!

Happy Sunday all!

This week I’ve enjoyed getting some stitching done – cross stitch and knitting – I do feel disloyal to SOS when I pick up my knitting mind you! lol. BUT what I’ve been really touched by, is how AMAZING the twitter posts have been in attracting new ‘likes’ (14 in past couple of days!). Its really lovely to see and to read posts on the facebook site, I hope that people feel comfortable to post on it – its building into quite the community! YEY!!!

On a personal note, I’m having a bit of a bad week In hospital – finding myself getting frustrated by the system and also by my desire to just ‘fix myself’ – I realise I wouldn’t expect anyone else to simply ‘snap out of their illness’ or ‘be logical’ all the time but its true that sometimes we are our own hardest critic and sadly I feel this applies to a great deal of people possibly, especially with mental health issues. I have however, continued to have a lot of support from friends and I am touched by this – I really enjoyed a visit from 2 amazing friends and engaged in a bit of mindful tree hugging, this helped me a lot to focus on being ‘in the moment’ which is something I struggle to do. I also have been working through my ‘values’ and this has been painful but also thought provoking. It led me to wonder, what others find helpful.

Here I see the most amazingly talented, kind and caring people inflicted by mental illness – its horrid – my hope for everyone is that they will find happiness and health and be free of the chains of their illness. That extends to SOS too!

I am definitely finding therapy in using crafts – stitching being one of them. Also, I’m enjoying writing again, so I was touched by CARDIFF TIMES posting the article about SOS in their magazine.

One day at a time needs to be the motto of the moment I believe – hope it helps others too! 🙂


One response to “Stitchy Sunday with a bit of sun too!

  1. Hey there, I’m glad twitter is having a positive impact for the project & is putting a smile on your face.
    try to remember to be kind to yourself as you deserve it 🙂

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