Au Revoir August – Salute September

Hello all!

I cant believe we’re saying goodbye to another month – do you ever go through a moment, stop, and think ‘where did that go?’, *warning: typical british/weather/complaining moment* you can be forgiven to not know its summer judging by the weather somedays, saying that some sunshine has graced us so I shouldn’t complain! I guess a lot of people will be preparing to go back to school/work after summer breaks and also unpacking from summer vacations  – others may just be looking ahead to autumn/unpacking their warmer clothing/planning xmas or maybe even ‘living for now’ which is something I need to do more of!

I see from the lovely simone that we have had another lovely square, and a few new members have popped up (super) and I hope stitching is going well for all!

I love hearing updates on the facebook group so please keep posting!

I am still in hospital but had a lovely weekend with my amazing friends who really made me mindful of how lucky I am! I am however also mindful that  I need to ‘sharpen up’ on SOS commitments – I need to organise the ‘stitching up of squares’ and just spend more time on this project – I have been slacking and I am so sorry! This project is so important to me and every time  I mention it to someone, or see something about it, I’m reminded on how AMAZING everyone has been getting involved! Please keep going – WE WILL GET THIS TO BE FABULOUS – ONE STITCH AT A TIME! 🙂



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