If you see someone without a smile…

…Give them one of yours! THIS AND THE QUOTE WHICH IS SOMETHING ABOUT ‘ THE BEST WAY TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL GOOD, IS TO MAKE SOMEONE ELSE FEEL GOOD” are poignant to me today. ok both are ‘double edged’ in some ways as they aren’t necessarily always the case…but today, for me, they have been relevant.

So I thought I’d share my smiles with you! 🙂 Maybe it will make you smile!

The kind people at LUSH (the beauty store) kindly replied to an email I sent them (asking them if they had any spare products they might be able to/kind enough to donate to our unit) with a generous boxset which all the girls here at the unit im in (and some of the staff) delighted in opening and using – It made me smile so much to see this. Its lovely to see people enjoy things, and even more so if you have been a small part in creating that – which in this case I have I am pleased to say. Its good to acknowledge it – as often I think, like others, I discount my positives or fail to acknowledge them….But yes, something as ‘simple’ as a bar of soap can make a difference to someone’s day, and more so the thought that went into it from the kind people at LUSH. not only did the products help raise smiles, smelt good and gave us a good topic of conversation – it allowed us to use our skills of sharing and hopefully acknowledging that we are ‘worth it’ (to paraphrase another beauty product). And that we are all different, we like different smells/things/products etc…

PLUS – LUSH IS FAB I THINK 🙂 Our unit smells so good (ideal on a day when fish was on the menu – must be Friday!!!)

I also had the pleasure of talking to a lovely lady about the project she’s involved with ‘lifelines’ which made me feel very humbled to meet someone so amazing. She writes, through lifelines, to people on death row – this struck me and made me think … how amazing, how selfless, how rewarding. She told me how, although not for everyone, it gave her so much, and she hoped it gave something to them too, and reminded me of how we meet people in remarkable circumstances, at remarkable times – sometimes we might not always see it at the time, sometimes we might not always acknowledge it/appreciate it… It reminded me of ‘sos’ because I believe I have met some remarkable people through this, I know I have, and its allowed me to communicate and connect to remarkable people all over the world, with all sorts of stories to tell (or in this case stitch) and although I berate myself for ‘neglecting it, not doing enough, not keeping in touch as much as I could/should do etc’, I think this is a useful insight to have – that I perhaps need to ‘take the positives and not always think ‘what if’ or ‘ I should’ or ‘if only’ – but sometimes just accept that you cannot do everything – you can do something… and that something could matter to someone else or make a difference to your future self.

I hope that other people have met people through SOS and that their involvement in the group gives them something, however small, to make them smile or recognise their worth on the earth. I THINK this week I have reflected that I need to really ‘take something positive from each event’ because its been ‘one of those weeks’ where (toys out of the pram) things haven’t always ‘gone my way’ – but I can learn from these, even if its just learning a bit more about myself…my skills (or lack of) and recognising the things that I could work towards making better next time…

To end this ‘entry’ – I want to remind you all that YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH – and I thank each individual for being involved in SOS – I love how people have come together, and some have openly expressed their unique stories/stitchings and struggles, I feel very touched each time someone ‘opens up’ and excited each time a new member joins our community. Although I don’t know you all personally, I hope you know you matter to SOS and you matter to the world!

So – when that little demon in your head, doubt, whispers ‘give up’ – let strength/courage and hope shout loudly ‘keep going!’

Have a lovely weekend 🙂


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