Take two…

Evening stitchers – I hope this finds you with a smile on a cold September evening!

I realise I am ‘slacking’ both in terms of blogging, and stitching and in terms of SOS in general. But – something I am always pleased to see is any sort of development with SOS – I do think of it all the time and although I need to ‘get my act together’ soon, I hope the work I am doing now to concentrate on my health restoration, will help in the future of sos and of my own.

I am in an awkward ‘point’ in my recovery – I know I want to get healthier, and be happier – but I don’t know what/who/where will help me facilitate this. But I just have to ‘do a dory’ and ‘keep swimming’ (in a non physical activity sense…)

one thing I am finding very helpful at the moment, is not being alone. I am lucky that I have a lot of support from friends, family and service users, at the moment, and this is something I count as a real blessing.

I feel this is something I am going to have to enhance in the future in order to ‘keep well’ but for now, I can certainly see it’s a useful tool to help me get through the challenges I am facing at the moment.

I hope that all the stitchers, are finding some positive ways to support themselves too – one thing might work for someone, and not for someone else, but there is going to be something out there, somewhere, for everyone – so don’t be afraid to look! 🙂


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