Therapy through threads

Happy Monday everyone!

Ive been touched by how active the facebook has been continually and especially this week having seen some really positive support for fellow sos members – amazing seen as though a lot of people are presumably ‘strangers’. Kindness is all around us, perhaps, if we look for it and accept it πŸ™‚ I feel very proud to be part of it/witness to it!

I’m getting a bit anxious about the project, I confess, I feel I haven’t done enough for it, should’ve contacted more people, should’ve organised more sessions, could’ve done my own pieces better…etc etc – BUT I guess that is an ongoing issue with me which I face in all aspects of my life – perhaps others can relate – enough is never enough – its not a finite ‘state’ and thus I can always pick fault with my attempts….

What gets me through Is seeing how supportive everyone is of the project and also my trying to convince myself that:-

What I have done is good enough/I’ve done ok/que sera sera/what would I say as an onlooker/there is still time…

I have started the SOS scrapbook too and that is giving me something to reflect on and work on during masses of free time I find myself having! Its really encouraging to look back and reflect on how incredible the project is and the people involved in it are. Thank you all! Again, I pick fault with the scrapbook attempt – but I enjoy doing it and it keeps me sat down/distracted for long periods of time so it has those advantages I guess. Hayley has been incredibly helpful in ‘back tracking’ for dates of key developments, so I must shout out a thanks to her!

As the title suggests, I am finding therapy through threads – I have left inpatient treatment and now find myself lost in the ‘big wide world’ (excuse the terminology – not something my anorexic head likes in reference to myself, usually!!!) and I am struggling to find purposeful use of time, or a sense of purpose full stop. I struggle to feel ‘good enough’ or like I ‘belong’ in all aspects of my life – but I acknowledge that I crave this and thus need to ‘carry on regardless’. I am certainly using stitching as a purposeful activity, and working on aspects of SOS, Its nearly the ‘deadline’ for submissions so I recognise that now is a key time to give a final shout out/entice more people and plan for the display finale! πŸ™‚ Again, people continue to amaze me with their kind help/support in these areas… πŸ™‚

Another ‘thread’Β I have thought of lately (since reading a MIND post on facebook actually), is about online forums and their part in recovery…Its not something I’ve ever ‘delved into’ but I may look at some of these ‘threads’ too – worth a go I guess… i”d love to know if anyone else has found them helpful or not…

Scrapbooking has also reminded me of the original ‘ideas’ of stitching out stigma – and made me mindful that perhaps I need to ask the question on facebook, perhaps, about the stigma people have faced in order to add ‘oomph’ to the idea behind the display… a sensitive issue, I know, but possibly one which will stress how vital fighting against stigma is….

My hope is that everyone will, in time, reach a state of health and happiness, through their own individual paths. I include myself in that too as I do want to live a life, not just exist, I have goals/dreams I wish to fulfil, I also care dearly about family/friends so hate the effects of my ill health on them. Its horrible seeing people, who are often so lovely/talented/caring, effected by such destructive illnesses – but I live in hope that everyone will find a route to happiness – and if stitching can act towards that, in whatever way, even better!

HAVE A PEACEFUL WEEK ALL! Kind wishes, Nat πŸ™‚


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