what a difference a day makes…

Today was a fabulous day for me- yes, you read that right, the person who continues to be pessimistic/moany Minnie etc, has been positive for once! 🙂

I went into my volunteer role today for the first time since being out of hospital and what a difference it made to me 🙂 I felt so much better being ‘productive’ and seeing all of the fabulous support the volunteers I ‘manage’ as a knitting organiser of the office, continue to give! I also met 2 new members of staff who are, im sure, going to be a HUGE positive boost to the office/charity – it filled me with excitement and eagerness to get back into the role. This had a knock on effect on my feelings/mood and a positive one at that – fabulous! I think I need a daily dose of this therapy! 🙂 Talking to the 2 new members of staff and catching up with an already established one, and opening some fabulous knitting parcels, made me feel so happy. It reinforced why I volunteer – to make a difference, to get that sense of purpose and to feel I am doing something worthwhile – also talking to the new staff members made me reflect on my goals/values in a very positive way and may even lead onto some new opportunities I hope in the future – fabulous!

I also got to see ‘in print’ an article I submitted to a magazine ‘Cardiff times’ about anorexia which filled me with happiness, one to be able to spread awareness, and 2 to get something printed. I hope it helps others with this illness or helps others to understand it a bit at least….

I also came across a great website – active minds – which you can find out more about too via http://www.activeminds.org. They hold a national no stigma day on 5th October which I think is fabulous and ever so relevant to this project!

Also, My star sign today was apt – it told me a project would be reaching a crutial point so I need to recruit people to help, or work harder….i’ll try and do both as it cant hurt! But, I definitely think today’s experiences (and some sunshine!) has given me an oomph to my trying – so lets hope its a ‘truimph’ – I love the quote:- the difference between try and triumph is a bit of oomph! Relevant today, especially, I feel!

I hope everyone has had a sunny day too 🙂 In spirit, if not in weather!


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