Memories are made of…

Moments – I think memories are made of these…

Today has been a very poignant day in relation to memories for several reasons, for me,

  1. I had a lovely chat with a lovely lady who volunteers for the organisation I am a knitting volunteer for. It always inspires me to see how abundant people are with kindness, talent and donations in the charity – they donate items to our office (VOLUNTEERING MATTERS) and we pass them onto charities who can distribute them far and wide. Everything from squares for blankets, to dog coats, to vests for babies in Africa, to teddies… the list goes on and the talents outstretch the list! Anyway, I digress (as usual for me – I also realised that today when I met with my long suffering therapist – I TALK TOOOOOO MUCH! sorry! lol) Anyway, it was lovely to hear the volunteer reflect on her ‘knitting past’ and how she learnt to knit and about how knitting has changed over the years (i.e. it was a male activity years ago, and now its seen more as a female activity – but hopefully the times are changing on that front too….). It was also lovely to be able to pass on a pattern about ‘twiddle muffs’ which are a resource for those with dementia diagnosis, knitted individually to unique designs and encorporating all sorts of wonderful ‘bits and bobs’ to help occupy hands/minds etc… This led me to remember fond experiences I have had with caring for those with dementia and equally her to reflect on her own experiences as well as take an interest  in these ‘muffs’. Again – it reinforces how precious memories are, they can bring happiness/sadness/tears/smiles and shared experiences…
  2. My mother unfortunately lost all the data on her laptop today – including reems of photos 😦 this has filled her with sadness and myself too. Photos are such memories which we cant replace, and a photo can provoke thought/memories with emotion at a simple glance. Its sad in a way that a lot of us don’t develop prints/store in photo albums, as this is something I recall doing fondly… its made me think ‘maybe I will again’. I think I tend to ‘post on facebook’ largely, as my long suffering facebook friends will know all too well (I quite often get through 100+ photos a day – mainly of flowers/ducks! lol) But, I’m not alone and one thing a very wise friend, Amy, reflected to me was that facebook (or fakebook as she called it) is often a barrier to reality as I can see people’s photos and think ‘wow their doing amazing things’ but I neglect to see that perhaps its not the (excuse the pun) ‘whole picture’…leading me into a spiral of self hate and resentment of my own life…(or lack of)
  3. I finished a piece for SOS today – I had asked my mother originally to sew the border on as I knew she will do it better than me, anyhoo, I reflected on it and thought – I should do it myself! I am an adult, yes I may not be the brainest/most talented etc – but the only way I will ever develop, is by trying things, not asking others who already ‘can do’ things. PLUS if I keep on putting myself down/others on a pedestal – im in a dangerous self esteem spiral AND also I realise that I would encourage everyone to look positively on their contributions, regardless of how they may critique it, because its a unique piece and a wonderful piece in that… this is something I must remember! PLUS learning new things keeps the brain active which must help memory function too…
  4. My memory seems to be failing me – so I must remember to start making use of to do lists! ESPECIALLY IN REGARDS to SOS – apologies for not doing more, so far! Luckily records on facebook/email and a very helpful sister save the day more often than not!
  5. I am reading a brill book – still alice – and this is about dementia – a goal of mine is to read more and this is a brill book, as recommended by brilliant ladies during my latest inpatient admission – I’d recommend it! 🙂
  6. I had a session with my therapist today, having left inpatient treatment once again – again memories, reflection and lots of emotions (and chatter) featured. and it did make me realise that I need to start living, start forming memories I want to remember with a smile…and now is as good as time as any right!?!?

PLUS it made me very proud when she said (and the student with her) that she’d been looking at this SOS project – still fills me with ‘warm fuzzy feelings’ so thank you all and well done for making this a project worth being ‘interested in!’

Maybe we will all develop fond memories of this! Have a memorable night all! 🙂


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