Whose in the driving seat??

Morning stitchers!

Yesterday was a varied day – ups and downs – twists and turns – goods and bads – happy’s and sads…i could go on… But i did go and see a good film called ‘inside out’ http://movies.disney.co.uk/inside-out with my sister. I haven’t been to the cinema for ages so it was a nice treat and nice to do something with Hayley.

Inside out is a film about emotions, aimed at children but with that unmistakable ‘air’ of adult humour which Disney’s/pixars are so skilful at doing… I really enjoyed both the experience and the film and would recommend it to others. It came across as a great ‘learning tool’ for children to learn about emotions and perhaps to be able to explain them to (i.e. the characters are named joy/anger/fear/disgust/sadness… and maybe a child could relate to these characters more than just a word…). It was good to see that no emotion was seen as ‘useless’, all played a part, which is true to life, I think, because we need a variety of emotions and (whether we like it or not) we have a range of emotions. Sure sometimes it might be better if certain ’emotions’ kept quiet (I know my fear character plays ‘controller’ too often for my liking…) and sometimes it might be better for others to speak up more (i.e. joy – it would be nice to feel this more, I feel for myself a lot of the time). But they all help make us who we are. Our emotions cant talk to others emotions, that’s for us to do – we are the body which carries them/expresses them – so we are a partnership, we can control them, they can control us, ideally we can work together. Equally we cant control others emotions, but we can express to them through controlling ours…

I could overcomplicate this by looking into psychological theories etc, but I wont, because I don’t think that’s needed or something I would be the ‘best’ person to do… However, im sure there are lots of theories/self help tools out there should you wish to venture down that ‘route’ yourself…

speaking of ‘routes’ – brings me back to the thought behind my title – seeing the film, as well as other things in the day, made me very cautious of ‘who is in the driving seat’ of my mind. which emotions i act on/engage with/use, and the consequences of this to myself of others. Hindsight is  a wonderful thing, i all too often engage anger (much to the detriment of my long suffering family), fear (to the detriment of myself) etc – but i want to engage joy more – isn’t that what life is all about? finding the ‘joys’ in every day life, to get us through, to form good memories – to help us, help ourseleves.

What is joyful to me, will not be for all. I need to find my own path to joy, as does everyone else, equally i do not need to/strive to be without the other emotions, after all they make up me!

So on that note, i shall end, because i can see the sun is shining and that makes me feel happy – so i intend to take my lunch to a sunny spot and enjoy!

Hope you do something which makes you feel similarly happy today too 🙂 YOU ARE WORTH IT!


P.S. for anyone whose seen the film too – yes there is always that annoying song which will never go from your psyche isn’t there!


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