Shout it outloud…Its time to BE PROUD!

According to my calendar today is “Be proud of yourself day” (Yes my calendar is very cool, as are the people who gave it to me!)

It made me think “What am I proud of?” – It’s hard to acknowledge being proud, for me, and easy to ‘shrug it off’ when others point out what I ‘should be/could be’ proud of – I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way…perhaps you can relate….?

However, I do acknowledge I’m proud of others and also there are things in my life I am proud of – but I want more and more things which are meaningful to me, to be proud of – i.e. less that revolve around my eating/diet/exercise habits… There has to be more to my life, at my age, to be proud of than having all my meal plan or resting. Ok, I appreciate, for now THESE ARE NECESSARY things and these are CHALLENGING things for me. But, its no bad thing that I want to make these ‘norms’ as apposed to achievements and aim higher, I think.

Luckily for me, and for others, tomorrow is a new day which, god willing, I will see and have a fresh chance to ‘make it good’ and ‘make myself proud of myself’…Its important,, I think, to have pride in oneself and I have an opportunity, daily, to attain this – I just need to try…

I think PRIDE is important. Oxford dictionary tell me PRIDE is defined as “a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of one’s close associates, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired” or a group of lions…

I definitely see displays of pride when I hear people talk about their children’s achievements or their countries (especially during rugby matches or days such as ‘St David’s Day’…) or when they receive awards/job confirmations etc…But, daily I am not sure its something I make an effort to ‘notice’…

I would love to hear what makes other people proud of themselves and I hope that you can look at your own day and reflect on, even one small thing, which made you feel ‘proud to be you’….

I hope being part of SOS is helping to rev up some feelings of pride in you all, because it certainly does in me! Thank you all for facilitating that! 🙂

GO AHEAD – BE PROUD, and celebrate, BEING YOU and all the lovlieness that encorporates! 🙂


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