Good evening all!

What a mixed week I’ve had – maybe you are the same?

Today was brilliant – it was the mental health awareness day in Newport Market – I took along some of the fabulous squares and displays, including using the quotes people mentioned about ‘stigma’ they have faced, to the event – it was brilliant to hear some people’s reactions. Lots of ‘wow’s’ and positivity surrounding it, lots of people took a look at the squares (displayed In a book mainly) and took business cards so hopefully positive things will come from it! It was well attended (even the Newport Mayor made an appearance, alongside equally important members of the public and other organisations). Gemma from MIND just emailed me to thank SOS for their appearance and to say that over 100 people turned up throughout the day – pretty good for a small place like Newport! I felt so proud of the project and enjoyed hearing people reflect on both the amazing squares, and the benefits of having something, such as a creative purpose, to aid mental health.

I talked to various people, organisers, attendees – all very interesting individuals. I talked to one lady who ran a brilliant media company called ‘energize media’ which is a local radio project aiming to help people through the medium of music, specifically people with mental health issues/disabilities, it seemed. She and I talked about the use of music as a ‘life line’ and how finding something to engage your passion in, can be a lifeline in itself. I gave her one of our business cards as a cheeky shout out incase they might mention sos on their radio! 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/EnergiZe-Media-CIC-473669009402462/timeline/

I also met a lady from PeoplePlusCmru who aim to ‘transform people’s lives through training and work’ and who asked if I’d do a talk/demo at their event one day 🙂

It was all in all, a very good start to my day! So thank you all for enabling it!

I was anxious, I confess about it, I worried the display wouldn’t be good enough, I worried about having to leave the squares there due to having to leave to get to a course in the afternoon, I worried about losing/damaging peoples work, I worried about not getting there on time, I worried about putting too much pressure on Hayley and dad, I worried about not being able to ‘get my words out’ and not doing the project justice…basically I worry too much! lol But, thank fully Gemma was brilliant and she has assured me the squares and display is safely stored for me to collect tomorrow. Thank fully thanks to my ever amazing dad, I got there in good time and he will take me to collect the squares tomorrow too – I don’t say it enough, but he’s brilliant! 🙂 I loved having the chat on the way with him too – important for my mental health (not sure so much for him!)

I had a brilliant course after too – on the topic of communities too – and it made me reflect on the ‘community’ we have in SOS – with pride too! 🙂 The course is going well, its different for me, philosophy and is only a short 10 week one – but it helps me reflect and question the ‘status quo’ and the ‘norms’ which I sometimes fall into a habit of thinking to be ‘truth’! Perhaps you can relate?

The week around that has been good – ive been spending time with people more, and that’s very important to me and my well being – but a challenge too.

The overall theme for this week has been I’ve felt I am always ‘missing out’ and ‘not doing enough/what I could or should be doing’ – that I miss out on opportunities because of my own fears or stupidity….but today I looked at this thought again and decided that

  1. I cannot do everything – no one can
  2. if I stop spreading myself so thinly (excuse the pun) I can do better at some things (do small things with great love) a lesson I reflected on with a wonderwoman Trudie Merry who does 1001 things with an amazing calmness yet reflected to me that she feels ‘nothing gets enough attention’ (miss merry – I think its YOU who doesn’t get enough attention but…!!!)
  3. I may well ‘miss out’ on somethings, everyone does, and we cannot predict/possibly know how much we actually do miss out on – BUT it can help to have a certain mindset – for example – you might find a £10 on the floor and be like ‘WOW – I’M LUCKY’ OR ‘POOR PERSON WHO MUST BE £10 DOWN’ or ‘BUT I MIGHT HAVE FOUND £20 AROUND THE NEXT CORNER’ – all have logic, but can affect your mood differently, I imagine. We don’t know which opportunities are best, when opportunities might arise, and whether our decision is the best or not, but we use the skills/thoughts/resources we have at that time – and regret quite often isn’t helpful – but learning is….

So, my mission from now – is to be kinder to myself, to give myself a bit more permission to be human and to see life as a learning rollercoaster with curves, dips, bends and varying climates along the way… fancy joining me?


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