Its a beautiful Autumnal day today – makes such a difference to my mood – don’t know about any one elses?!

Im getting excited now about SOS and I am still buzzing everytime someone mentions it, comments on the facebook group or it gets a ‘shout out’ like the link above. Thanks to Hayley, who pointed the article out to me which requested peoples comments, I managed to get a ‘cheap plug’ for SOS in it! yippee! and also mention my love of Russell Howard – I wonder if I could be on his show one day as his mystery guest….might be a bad idea – I have bad speech at the best of times, but add an attractive man in the combination and im pretty much ‘finished’! Anyhoo, I digress!

I really am so proud of SOS and it is a privilege to converse with such an amazing bunch of brilliant people! Hope everyones squares are going well and the looming deadline isn’t stressing people out, as always, message if you are struggling to complete it – and rememeber the most important thing in YOUR life is YOU – so please don’t let it be a stressor!

Keep fabulous and thanks all 🙂 x


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