Times a tickin…are you a stitchin?

Hello Hello!

Well, its now under 2 weeks until the final ‘deadline’ for the submissions of squares – exciting times!

Im really glad to see the ones we’ve already had in – and its lovely to hear the feedback on them too! I hope everyone feels a sense of pride at being part of this project, as much as I do!

I am really excited to see the next submissions come in, and also anxious obviously as we reach a new stage of the project. excited anxiety – is that a thing?!?!

We have our dates for the stitching sessions in Whitchurch hospital. We have a few people who are ‘on board’ – but more would be very welcomed!

As for poles – I’ve put a request out on freecycle, but this is still ‘up in the air’ (which is ironic seen as though without poles our project may struggle to be!)

Im glad to see more new members joining and the existing ones being so active on the sos front.

I do feel very proud of it all!

I hope these final months prove successful to really secure all the amazing work everyone’s put in! Cant wait to see the end display!

It has been suggested that maybe some squares could be submitted after the final display – this is something which needs discussion – it may be that Simone would like to continue displays after the initial ‘unveiling’ in January 2016 OR how cool would it be to get ‘mini sos’s’ around the globe?!

Just a thought! As I say, we’re so close to the initial ‘end’ but, who knows what lies ahead for any of us, including sos! 🙂

Happy stitching, I hope everything is going well. 🙂


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