one week to go and counting

that’s right – a week tomorrow will be the deadline for the squares!Its gone so quickly but its really remarkable to even think vaguely about how its all developed/developing and how far its spreading! I still beam every time we get a new square or new facebook ‘like’, thank you all so much!

I did have a funny ‘happening’ today – I was putting our poster up (as its still awesome if we get more support I think, especially for stitching squares onto fabric bit!). I couldn’t find a pin, so I took one off a poster which had two on. well the guy who was behind me tapped me on the shoulder and informed me that was HIS poster and did I want a pin! I was so embarrassed, luckily he was a really nice guy and I was actually interested in his poster so it was good to quiz him about it! But it was embarrassing as I am so cheeky!

But it shows how opportunities ‘crop up’ when we least expect them. I also met someone today for the first time ‘in person’ despite chatting on facebook for a while – it was a real privilege to meet her and she really made my whole day brighter! Again, its moments like that which show how ‘things can work out well’ despite maybe not always seeming so, if I hadn’t have been there in that moment – we wouldn’t have met – who knows what the day might have gone like because of that…

I am very excited about this projects ‘next stages’!

I hope everyone is enjoying participating in it so far! 🙂


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