sometimes you just have to let it go…

I didn’t realise until writing this blog title, in fact, how poignant this piece is, for me. I have just completed my final sos piece – literally in the ‘nick of time’ as per Natalie style – last minute! The deadline for submissions of squares is tomorrow – Halloweeen, scarily close, excuse the pun!

I am quite emotional about the whole thing, if im honest, for several reasons….

Firstly, the project – it feels like an end of an era saying the deadline is up and a large piece of me wants to say ‘nooooo lets continue it for ever’, but all good things must come to an end, the saying goes, and this is awesome so I guess it follows suit… I am delighted to see so many squares being done/sent in and also just looking back at how its progressed thanks to so many people’s support and involvement, its really…’wow’. But, I’ve never been very good at ‘goodbyes’ and I guess as we draw into the final few stages of SOS it brings a sense of sadness to me. I have taken so much from it, skills, friendships, knowledge…amongst other things (plus it gave me a good excuse to restfully stitch as ‘productivity’ and shop in hobbycraft!) But, now that I’m faced with ‘letting it go’, I feel sad, but hopefully it will be a lasting display and inevitably a lasting memory with hopefully some lasting benefits and relationships too….

Secondly, the piece, well, I love frozen so I’m glad to have gotten that into SOS somehow! I had to improvise – I got a pendant a while ago that I saved for the piece (let it go, it read!) but, again in true nat fashion, I’ve lost it! grr! I’ve hunted in all the obvious places (and some of the less so) with no avail, and im sure itll turn up now. But, I have completed the piece and had to face just ‘letting it go’ that it wouldn’t be exactly as I’d imagined, but it would be good enough. I bought a new embellishment which actually works quite well, I hope, and is a mirror so it had an added meaning, to me, that sometimes we have to just learn to ‘let go’ of the views we have when we look into the mirror as they cannot possibly reflect our true selves, only an image of it in a snapshot of time… I also had to ask my ever suffering sister for even more help as I couldn’t complete the princesses and I know she is amazing at doing these images, so it was a team effort. she doesn’t want it to be submitted as a ‘joint piece’ which again, I had to ‘let go’ because that is her wish, but the help she continually offers me/gives me, is reflected by this piece and, as the frozen princesses are sisters too, it seems fitting that this is our project! I criticise how my part of the piece lets hers down, the messy back, the small messy text… but again I have to let it go!

Lastly – my view of life itself – I have restarted working at a pub and on several occasions I’m having to learn to simply ‘let go’ of some things (not the plates most of the time – this would def make me a worse waitress!), and accept that I cannot be ‘1010’ places at once, I cannot do everything right (although it would help if I did some things right…!) and I cannot be accountable for others mood swings or outbursts – but there is no point in me getting overly stressed all the time as it affects my mental health/satisfaction/self esteem and ability to be the best waitress I can… I simply have to ‘let it go’….I don’t always manage this, but life is a learning curve right…??!?!

so, that’s my final piece stitched, but there are still bits of sos I need to do work for – sewing sessions next Saturday fill me with emotion also, mixed at fear/excitement of it all – I also have to write my piece to accompany the cross stitch and try and sort a few others ‘bits’ out…

I am so grateful to everyone whose part of this project, so far, and I look forward to the developments of sos continuing….

have a peaceful evening all!


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