Another stitch of awesomeness

Today was a brilliant day – I spent the morning in a superb craft group c/o a colleague of mine in the place I volunteer at as a knitting organiser. It was a 50+ café where people could go, stitch, knit, talk, eat/drink, play games and socialise and OMG it was outstanding! The talent there was phenomenal – I learnt new skills and also felt humbled to be amongst such talented people, all so modest about their works! I saw felting, beading, knitting, crocheting, knitting with lace and rummicub – I also heard lots of friendly chats/skill swapping and laughter. What  I felt most privileged by was feeling so incredibly welcomed by everyone – literally they were so fabulously warm towards me, all remembered my name and I even got a few kisses ‘goodbye’ and invites back! I felt very special to be part of such a special, rewarding group.

Then Hayley picked me up and we went to collect YOUR final squares from the lovely Sian at St Fagans – it was with great excitement that we did this and we were amazed by the pieces we received! Thank you all so much! Its another stitch in the project and an amazing one now!

Hayley is uploading the photos as we speak! 🙂


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