Not long now until the stitch a thon!

Not ‘stitch a thong’ as Hayley points out!

Im really excited about tomorrow – it should be a good chance to get the ‘next step’ done, meet some friendly faces and hopefully get the next part of this brilliant project ‘stitched up’. Its so emotional – I’m happy to have gotten to this stage of the project so successfully – thanks to all you amazing people! Hayley deserves a special ‘shout out’ for all her continued support as an admin/sister/creative whizz…every supporter deserves a shout out for making this project possible – from st fagans Sian, to NHS Simone, to everyone else in between – this is hopefully going to show what a huge difference your support has made and lets not forget the incredible support of EVERY ONE whose followed us, shared us and contributed a square to us – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU! You’re all such key players in SOS and it wouldn’t have gotten this far without you all!

So, tomorrow sees us meet in Whitchurch Hospital Board Room (hopefully) armed with needles (the less scary kind than in many hospitals!), ideas, cross stitch squares and encouragement (hopefully), plus there will be tea/coffee a plenty for all!

I am so excited and I hope others are too – I will make sure to take plenty of pictures (although If anyone objects, I will of course respect their wishes to not be featured in the photos, so please do not let it put you off attending!). I do realise its impossible for a lot of people to join us in person, but you will all be there with us in spirit, in my eyes.

Updates to follow!


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