Yey! We met, we stitched, we were awesome!

What a fab morning!

It was our stitch a thon event in Whitchurch hospital and I’m so pleased to report it went brilliantly thanks to 3 sewing angels!

Margaret, Annalise, Katherine and myself all met in the very regal looking board room of Whitchurch hospital (I was seriously impressed with the room!) armed with ideas, sewing materials, coffee and all the amazing squares – we got to work! It was wonderful to hear their reflections on the project/pieces and also just have a good chin wag! Thank you to each of the 3 angels who came and to everyone who made it possible! The squares do look rather fabulous I must say! Simone kindly organised the event room and even popped in with a few new squares – all fabulous and very welcomed!

We got to work on deciding which squares should go where, cutting them down to size, ironing out, measuring, photographing, doing mathematical bits and hemming – and the results are plain to see – fabulous!

I have posted some pics on facebook so please do check them out!

Its wonderful to see it all come together – the next group we will hopefully stitch them all on, add applique titles and then collapse in a pile of blissful ‘ahhhs’ as we look at the brilliance that all our work has resulted in!


I look forward to the next stages!


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