Mental Health Foundation reflection

It occurred to me today that we havent’ really focused on the mental health foundation, who are supporting our project – so I thought I’d ‘bring up’ two points…

Their theme this year is ‘mindfullness’ which I believe is somewhat of a buzzword in mental health recovery/treatment and potentially something which a lot of people have experience of. I have, we did DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) in Cotswold House treatment and when I had outpatient treatment in SHED (severe and higher risk eating disorder service for Wales c/o the lovely Clare) – neither of which actually worked for me, but I know a lot of people ‘swore by it’ – and that’s what is VIP in so many things – finding what works for you! Perhaps some people find mindfulness helps, or is created through, stitching.

The theme for next year is relationships which is very fitting with the project as I think it has enabled some relationships to form and maybe strengthen, I know I’ve realised how blessed I am with my sister and my friends and also I’ve made new friends too which is fabulous. perhaps others have done similar? it would have been lovely to have done more stitching groups – but that’s possibly one for another time…

Really love seeing all the comments on the squares and excited to do these next bits too 🙂 Hope everyone is looking at them with pride!


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